Saturday, 23 February 2013

Cheerleading Nationals

Good morning

I feel as if I have been up for lie in for the Barker's this morning.  Hannah has to be at Cheltenham Racecourse this morning for 7.30am in order to support the younger members of GCA.  Hannah performs this afternoon and we are going to support them later.  I am off for a cooked breakfast at a local cafe as my treat...

It is a treat to thave the BCA Nationals so close to home.  Last year we were in Newport.  I am sure by the time to get home tonight we will be deaf!! the music is soooo loud but it's great fun.  Well it must be as Hannah has been doing this sport since she was 4 and she will be 12 in April.

I will let you know tomorrow how they all get on.  Enjoy your Saturday....

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