Friday, 24 February 2012

Sneak Peek

Well ladies we have 7 days until spring extravaganza...are you looking forward to the day?

I thought I would give you a little tease you.

Now anyone who leaves me a comment will get a FREE entry into my marker pen draw.

So I am hoping I will come back to lots of comments!


  1. Wish I was joining you, have a fab day as the sneakpeak looks lovely with those colours and papers. Look forward to seeing the full projects next week.

  2. ahh Thank you Jane

    There will be lots of pictures.....I am feeling quite chilled and on target with all the prep. (hope this is not a bad omen!)

  3. Both Donna and I are really looking forward to it :-)

  4. ....that's just not fair!!!!

    This oldie uses a computer, sends and receives texts and is generally embracing 21st technology but HOW YOU LEAVE A Comment ON YOUR BLOG....well that escapes me.

    I regularly read your blogs and LOVE what you will be doing for the first extravaganza I've missed...the colours are just "perfick ".........but I can't leave this on your blog...sorry.

    Love Edna

    Posted by Caroline from an email received X

  5. Ok, so I looked at the blog, but I still can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong, can’t seem to leave comments!!


    Posted by Caroline from an email received X

  6. Looking good, I am so looking forward to the day. Fun with family and friends.

  7. I have had the worst month for many years, and am therefore looking forward greatly to the Craft Day on Saturday when I can forget all about it! Have been practising my thank you cards, and everyone who received one says thank you too so thank you Caroline for the ideas. I love your cherry card by the way!

  8. Hi Caroline

    Not sure how to leave a message, but I am sure you will have a fab day, sorry I can’t be there but will be sunning myself in Fuerteventura..

    Have a great day.



    Posted by Caroline from an email received. X

  9. Hi Caroline

    I see it isnt just me but I can not comment on your blog, please help.

    Just wanted to leave a comment to say although I havent seen you in ages i always look at your blog, have a great day and will look forward to seeing your photos, perhaps I will have to come to one of your fab classes to have a catch up.

    Louise xx

    Posted by Caroline from an email received X

  10. didnt know how to write it on your blog! A fabulous day to look forward to after having a horrible virus and one of those days which make you a year older!
    just what the doctor(or in this case the nurse)ordered. Can't wait. Ruth x

    posted by Caroline from an email received X

  11. Hi Caroline,

    Trevor could not make any comments for me either on Saturday.

    Looking forward to another fab day as usual and using the new DSP.

    Irene x

    Posted by Caroline from an email received X

  12. Hi Caroline

    What I was going to put on the web-site was:

    Looks beautiful. A possible solution to Mother's day ?!

    Lookin forward to Saturday- not long now!

    best wishes,