Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Rich Flowers and embossing....

Over the last few months my sister and I have been drip feeding stampin'Up! to one of her friends in Birmingham. Now there is only so long that you can resist isn't there! One problem though was that Donna didn't drive and was therefore unable to attend events I run..Well guess what she has now passed her test...and last weekend she did a dummy run to Gloucester and used the motorway for the first time as she would like to attend the vintage extravaganza in March. In honour of this I designed a simple card for us to make last Saturday..she loved it and is coming down again this weekend for another card making session and is of course coming to extravaganza.

Here is the card we made, I just blinged mine a bit more after, as I only had 30 minutes from my sister that card making was one the menu.

I will be back tomorrow with some pictures of my workshop make and take for February and my hostess gift. Hannah is nagging me for best get to the kitchen!

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