Sunday, 12 May 2013

Phew what a week.....

My posts have been severely lacking this week, I am so sorry but some times a week becomes so hectic it is enough just to survive the day to day stuff.

My hubby Paul isn't feeling too well today so we are having a lazy day, and I am pottering and catching up with work stuff from last week.

I have some photo's of our projects from last weekend's event and I am going to share these today.

At these events we have 3 sessions lasting 1 1/2 hours each and at the end of each session I move each project around the tables.

Project 1 was inspired by the wonderful Jenny Moors at
this lady has the most amazing talent and is truly a lovely person an amazing combination X

Everyone made a memo board and we decorated it using elements from the Afternoon Daydream Scrapping kit and the collage Curios stamp set which everyone received in their goodie bag.

The middle portion of the board is a whiteboard and the bottom has a magnetic strip so you can added small notes.  The soda tops work brilliantly as the holders.

Project 2 was a selection of two cards and a decorated box again using the scrapping kit and the collage curios stamp set.


Project 3 was a lovely card and a wrap, a standard card and a decorated money box.  The card and wrap were inspired by my upline Kerry at a recent training event.

oops just noticed that the get well card is upside down but I hope you get the idea.

My next event is Saturday 9th November, so please register your interest asap.

I hope to be much more consistent with my blogging from now on. I am going to be working SMARTER and not HARDER....

Enjoy your Sunday X

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