Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Why is life never easy?

I saw my sister yesterday evening for a quick catch up, as she is very busy studying for a university degree as well as working full time and having a family, and she commented that I haven't posted recently!!!!

My answer is life is hectic at the moment....I know it's the same for us all, but yesterday I was planing projects for my class this Thursday and couldn't find my scissors and glue and then realised I had lost the bag they were in!  my camera is also in the bag and I had taken some photo's of projects so thought I could post them.  Thankfully the bag has turned up and I will get it back on Thursday I left it at our quarterly training meet in Hampshire last Saturday.  So no photo's until after then.

Today I planned to craft all day until 5pm, but oh yes Hannah had other plans, she fell at school last Friday and was limping but I just did that mum thing and said "you will be fine" well after a visit to the GP this morning, and then A & E, and Xray she isn't quite fine!   She has broken a bone in her foot and is on crutches and has to go back to the fracture clinic on Friday.

Not sure she is going to let me get away with this one.........

So I am still here, working hard and off to convention in Mainz Germany on the 1st November I have swaps to make, team gifts to make and my roomy gifts tooooooo, getting together with my fellow demo's tomorrow evening to finalise plans.....so if you have any idea how I can fit more hours in the day please let me know.

Please come back soon and I promise I will have something to show you all.

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