Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A post Shock Horror!!!!

Goodness I have finally managed a post......mind you I am still in my PJs.  I decided to get up with my husband this morning at some obscene time! to try and get some jobs done.

It worked though.  I have finished my general swaps for convention next week and my roomy gifts are almost finished.  Next on my list our my team swaps all 27 of them, so the plane is to finish these by tomorrow.

I have a class later on today in the forest and we are going to be concentrating on the faux tear technique so some photo's to follow later.

I have uploaded some photo's of this months projects and thought I would share the 2 cards we made at my Friday class with you today.

Here is the first one.  I just love all the heat embossing and accessories on this card.  Don't forget you can order all the ingredients from me at any time, or join in the next class which is on the 9th November.

The second card was a stair step card, looks amazing but so easy to make.  Many thanks to Jo who popped back home to get her inks as silly me had forgot to pack any!

This card used lots of punches and the yummy comfort cafe papers.

And a little update on Hannah.....she is still getting around on crutches and now has a boot to support her foot, but it's like having a young child again, everything takes longer to do, she can't carry anything as she has her crutches and she is moany as she can't do all the things she normally does and NOOOOO cheerleading for 6 weeks.  I had a light bulb moment over the weekend as to how she was going to get to school whilst I am away next week as she normally has a walk to catch her lift and then they walk home from school which of course she can't.  Thank heavens for great friends of mine.  Hannah is going to stay with one on Wednesday and Thursday of next week and she is going to do all the school runs and bring her home to nanny on Friday after school. Phew panic over.....

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