Monday, 16 September 2013

My Digital Studiois here as well as our new on-line ordering system

Good Morning

My blogging is very sparse at the moment, and unfortunately there is a reason for that......

As many of you know my daughter is expecting her first baby at the beginning of November, well this little baby was doing well, but has now decided to cause her a few problems.  We have been continuing to spend time at the hospital which rather impacts on my working hours, as these are not quick visits.

We are hoping that we will have a clearer picture later on today as to what is happening as Alice is having a detailed scan of the baby with her consultant, which will hopefully give us some answers as to what is going on.  So in the meantime I am still trying to be mum to Hannah, (who by the way is off sick today with a poorly tummy!) and a doting wife......who manages to cook a banquet each evening for dinner this is soooooo not happening, as well as trying to keep Alice positive.

Now with that off my chest let me tell you that My digital Studio is now available to purchase and that you can purchase any products you require from my new on-line store.  I am still working through the set up of my store, so please be sure to contact me before ordering just to make sure we are both doing things right.  I hate this not having time to sit and work things out, but family has to come first.

We also have our new seasonal catalogue launched and if you haven't had your copy just shout and I will pop one in the post to you, I will also put a link on my blog asap for you to browse through.  I know lots of you are loving the new products.  Thank you to everyone who made last weeks workshops so successful.

I will be back with an update of Alice as soon as we have more information, and in the meantime thank you to everyone who has been asking after her, and for bearing with my flexible schedule at the moment.

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