Monday, 5 November 2012

Convention 2012 is over :(

I have just got back from our Stampin' Up! convention 2012 in Mainz Germany.  We all had an amazing time and over the next week I will share some photo's with you.

Today's photo shows Kerry, Jane, George and Bel at Heathrow Airport.....we had just eaten a full english breakfast! but hey we had been travelling since 4.30am!!!! and we were hungry

Don't they all look so excited?

After a good flight we had a slight problem with George's case, it came of the belt pretty wrecked and we had to leave her at Frankfurt airport whilst the airline replaced it and our taxi driver was going to pick her up when he returned back to the airport for his next pick while we were witing for her to arrive at the hotel this photo of Jane shows you what we were up tooooo...

Martini and bitter lemon was the drink.....About 3.45pm everybody decided they needed a little nap, which was great timing for me as I had the honour of being asked to take part on one of of convention classes and had a practice was  scheduled at 4pm with Rhoda Mcpherson who is another demo and Brain Pilling from the home office in Salt Lake City.  I managed to hide this from Jane and Bel until later on in the evening when they received their convention bags and programe of events.

Join me tomorrow for more......Oh and if reading this gets you about joining me at convention 2013 which will be in Manchester in the UK.  Contact me and I will tell you how you can.


  1. Caroline I never got round to tell you what a fabulous job you guys have done with that presentation, truly inspiring thank you and well done :)
    Hugs Monica xx

  2. bless you and thank you. I really enjoyed myself! in a strange way!!!!!