Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A little bit more from Convention

Well we are half way through the week, and I have managed a class on Monday evening, we had a great night creating 4 lovey cards and learnt the collage technique.

Today I have felt like superwoman!!!! left home at 8am for my physio appointment and then my consultant at 9am, and last night Hannah managed to break her crutches sort of......the feet fell off so we to visit a different hospital to have those replaced....then back to school and I had a workshop at 10.30am in Cheltenham.

Ladies  I had a lovely time with you and it was great to see you use your creativity and change things.

Let me leave you with some more photo's from Mainz

The top photo shows Jane Cutting and Kerry Timms sipping Martini..........all dressed up or our Silver 2 Reception.

The bottom one shows the front screen of the stage the theme this year was "I am"........

Tomorrow I will show you some photo's of the display boards, gosh there was some amazing creations..........

Have a great evening, I am off to have my dinner now X

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