Friday, 13 January 2012

Thank you Card

Morning...It's a short post today but I thought I would show you the little thank you card all my ladies received with their product orders in January.
Whilst blog hopping and Internet surfing I came upon a card which I feel in love with and I have adapted it slightly and come up with a similar version. I can't remember where I saw this card so if it's one of yours please let me know so that I can credit you.
I have adapted it again and used for my quarterly team meeting swap which is next week so pop back after then to see another version.


  1. It's beautiful, I love the posh blog page too, it's really comfortable to read (if that makes sense). hope you had a good day training and they liked your swaps thingys :)x

  2. well I've written one comment but I'm not sure if you got it or not, so I shall repeat. This card is beautiful, I also love your posh new blog page, it's really easy on the eye. Hope you've had a good day at your team meeting and they liked your swap :) x