Friday, 7 June 2013

Matching card and gift box

It's the end of the week I know but I have been battling a summer cold this week as well as a class and workshop, so have been doing as much as I can while feeling pretty rough, but it's the weekend tomorrow so a chance for a lie-in....

During May I have been showcasing these cards and matching box's at several of my classes, I have just used different colour combinations.

Here is my green combo

A mantra of working smarter and not harder has been doing the rounds with SU demo's and I am testing it out...hence re using projects at different classes with different people, and also adapting a card I had received from my up-line and a box we made at training.  It's amazing how different a project can look by just changing the colour.

and the pink combo

I have also done a blue combination at another class but don't have a photo.  Which colour is your favourite?

I am hoping to have some energy tomorrow to have a play with my pre-order products.....I have the house work and washing up to date and I have finger's crossed that Hannah will be out with her dad tomorrow afternoon/evening while he races in Birmingham

We have another family get together over the weekend as it's my mum and grandma's birthday, so I hope to be able to make their cards using some of my new stash....the new catalogue is soooooo exciting and I can now stroke my own copy ( I am so sad) :)

I will be back soon hopefully with fully charged batteries.....

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  1. Wow those cards are beautiful and the boxes to go with them, I like both colours. Great stuff