Sunday, 6 November 2011


Hi just to let you know I am still around, just had a busy week and a fab weekend attending Jenny Moors extravaganza.
Georgina and I made a weekend of it by taking the children out of school on Friday afternoon and travelling down to Ringwood in Hampshire to stay with my Uncle and his family. Whilst Georgina and I went crafting for the day on Saturday, Hannah and Thomas were set to work raking the leaves in their Great Uncle Steve's garden and then they had a trip to Burley where they went witch hunting....
If you ever get the chance to go to Jenny's extravaganza you will be spoilt and have the most wonderful time crafting with friends and making the most beautiful projects. Jenny is a very talented lady. She holds a crafters competition where you can make something put it on display and then throughout the day everyone has one vote for their favourite thing. I made this Christmas wreath, inspired from one I saw hanging in Jane Cutting's kitchen on Wednesday and I won! I was amazed.
Hannah went off with her dad this morning to stock car racing together with her guy for the competition there. They are having a bonfire after racing. She has just phoned me to say her guy won.....I think we need to buy a lottery ticket ticket, and see if our luck continues!
Hannah's guy was made from lots of brown paper which I have with my stampin' UP orders, a pair of old tights, an old dressing up costume and stampin' UP! cardstock and sticky strip. So it sounds like they had fun today I hope she saves some of her prize for me (its chocs) for relaxing with later whilst we watch the last episode of Downton Abbey and of course X Factor.
I have two classes running next week so I hope to see some of you either Monday/Friday or both.

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