Friday, 3 June 2011

I am Back!

Gosh it seems like I have not posted for ever...My only excuse is its been half term and I have had 3 children home as well as extra's as I try to help out friends and family whose working arrangements aren't as flexible as mine.

Well its the end of the week and my sister and I are in for a treat tomorrow. The children are all being farmed out this afternoon and we are on our way to a mini extravaganza held by Jenny Moors tomorrow. We are travelling this afternoon and staying with family tonight so we will only have a 20 minute journey tomorrow. Such a treat if you have viewed Jenny's work .

Check back in next week and I will show you what we did.

I have taken some photos of things that I have been working on this week so posts should be daily next week if I get my act in gear!!!!

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