Friday, 29 April 2011

Stampin' Write Markers SHARE

Do you have the Stampin’ Write Marker Pens on your wish list? If not, why not?!! I have actually fallen in love with these marker pens. They are seriously the best marker pens that I have ever used in conjunction with my rubber stamps. They are a nice size, and double ended, with a thick and a thin nib. The pens can be used to directly colour onto a rubber stamp, allowing you to create an image with multiple colours. They are also great for colouring in, and writing.

If you sign up to this share you are committed for the whole 4 months. Each month you will receive a colour family of marker pens and by the fourth month you will have received all four colour families of pens along with the Carry Case and 5 In Colour markers which will give you a total of 43 markers, wow, just think of all the colour combinations you can create with all those colours! There are compartments left available in the carry case to store the new 5 In Colours that will be released in October 2011!

To enable this share to run fairly and smoothly I will require 4 post dated cheques of £26.55 (includes s&h to me) which will be processed each month before I order the markers (or if you are a regular at one of my classes you can hand deliver your payment each month!) If you are not within easy travelling distance from me then postage will be charged at cost to deliver each monthly offering.

Important bit:

■ Each marker club will consist of four members, and run for four months.

■ You must commit to participate for the four months duration of the club.

■ Commitment will require post dated cheques, which will be deposited with the bank on the 1st of each month.

Please contact me if you are interested in join this marker pen club!

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