Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Posting from my new Craft Room.........

Hi there

This is my first post from my new craft room.......I am such a lucky girl. my husband worked until 9.30pm on Sunday evening finishing my room for me, I still need a blind and some shelving but I an operational, after spending all day yesterday doing removals from downstairs to upstairs my legs ache but I have waited so long for my own space, and boy do I have a lot of stuff!!!!!!!!!!!

Would you like a look at the room so far?

Once I have my shelving my desk area and the floor will be much clearer, can you see Shayna has bagged herself a spot on the floor.  I think I will need to purchase a bed for her.  Hannah is in her bed next door with a severe bout of tonsillitis, which is putting paid to cheerleading tonight and also her competition on Sunday if she is no better.  Really glad I followed my mummy instincts this morning and took her to the doctors, her lips and face are swollen too, bless her.

I can be a real busybody in my room as I look straight out onto the close, my neighbours can't get away with anything, although I am sure Shamilla will be pleased not to see the paint tins in the window anymore.

I will be back tomorrow with some vintage samples from one of last month's classes.

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  1. Looks amazing, in any craft room a pet is of course obligatory xxxx