Thursday, 21 March 2013

The fog is starting to lift.

Good morning

Those of you who have been following my blog will know that over the last 10 months I have had some serious health problems with my shoulder!!! and oh boy has it been giving me lots of aggro since the new year.  I have been referred for more physio but also have to take some serious pain medication which has been having a major effect on my energy levels and my brain.

I finally went back to the doctors yesterday to get the medication reviewed I need to be ME again and not some walking zombie......well I am already feeling more awake with the reduced levels of medication, okay so some pain but I am going to have to compromise.

So work here I come........firstly I put Hannah to work as she finished school yesterday for the Easter break, Helen is coming along this morning to complete her paperwork to become a demo so I thought some cake was required.

Hannah has just had a term of cookery and really enjoyed it!!!!  Here she is with her Jam and Cream victoria sandwich.  She even washed up.

Next I have taken some photo's for blogging and am going to sit today and schedule some forthcoming posts, but for today let me show you the card we have been making in my workshops this month.

We have made full use of all the sale-a-bration products, I will be sorry to say goodbye to the lushus designer paper and ribbon.  It's not to late if you wish to place an order make sure you contact me before midday tomorrow, when my last order will be going through.

Right off to put the kettle on....Helen is on her way.

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